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COOKIE – What is it?

Cookies are small files that websites send to Internet browsers (browsers) and that are stored on the user’s terminal, which can be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc. These files allow the site to memorize information about previous visits, such as language, browsing preferences from previous sessions, which will allow your next visit to be faster and more efficient, as well as the possibility to customize the contents presented to you. Cookies play a very important role, as they improve the experience of using the website.

What type of cookies does MAQTOOL use?

• Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that only remain in your browser’s cookie file until you close the session or leave the website, so that none of them is registered on the user’s hard disk. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze traffic behavior on the website. This allows us to optimize the use of the site, as well as to offer a better browsing experience by improving the contents presented.
• Permanent cookies: they are stored on the hard disk and are used when the user makes a new visit to the site. A permanent cookie has a certain expiration date, and will stop working after that date.
• Strictly necessary cookies, such as those used for correct navigation, those that allow services requested by the user to be performed, or cookies that are used to ensure that the content of the website is loaded correctly.
• Third-party cookies, such as cookies used by social networks or external content add-ons.
• Analytical cookies: they are used for periodic maintenance and with the aim of ensuring the best possible service to the user. These cookies are used only for the purpose of creating and analyzing statistics, never collecting personal information.

How to disable cookies?

You can configure your browser to accept or refuse the installation of part or all of our cookies, or configure it so that you are notified when the site wants to install new cookies. Each browser has specific instructions for setting cookies. In the following links you will find information on how to activate or deactivate cookies in the most common browsers:

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