100% National Products

It’s true that our country is going through a bad time… it’s true that we often feel powerless against this scenario… but it’s also true that we can do much more than we think!


We are a people with art, culture, ingenuity and with dreams&hellip; we are a people with soul and ambition…and we aspire for a better future!…and that future depends on us!…on our strength!…on our will!…on our union!…

At Cobermaster Industry we decided to put our hands to work and contribute in a very concrete way to the stimulation of our internal market. We are manufacturers and we gathered a group of a few dozen other national manufacturers&hellip;

The result was the creation of a catalog with a wide range of products for the industry and construction of 100% national manufacture!

It would have been easier to create a catalog with products coming from all over the world … but if we have them in Portugal … made by Portuguese … why wouldn’t we create a 100% national catalog?

We took more than 1 year to produce this catalog… but it is finished… with fantastic products… made by fantastic Portuguese that every day give their best in the work they do&hellip;

Through Cobermaster Industry’s printed and digital catalog, companies will now be able to access around 5,000 references of products for industry and construction, with Portuguese manufacturing guarantee, with excellent value for money and free delivery from north to south of mainland Portugal!

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